20% OFF on Theodorou WAX RIBBONS Promotion

We are happy to offer you 20% OFF for Ex-Stock orders on the Theodorou WAX RIBBONS items. The promotion is valid until 30.09.2017.

Product Category Ribbons
Type of Promo Special Price
Valid from 01.06.2017
Valid to 30.09.2017
Valid inEMEA
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Qualified products

SKU Part Number Description Price
2Q30021 THE-DOWO06074 60mmX74m Competitive Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30022 THE-DOWO09074 90mmX74m Competitive Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30023 THE-DOWO11074 110mmX74m Compet Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30030 THE-OWO04030 40mmX300m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30031 THE-OWO06030 60mmX300m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30032 THE-OWO09030 90mmX300m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30033 THE-OWO11030 110mmX300m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30034 THE-OWO04045 40mmX450m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30036 THE-OWO07345 73mmX450m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30038 THE-OWO09045 90mmX450m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30039 THE-OWO10245 102mmX450m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30041 THE-OWO15445 154mmX450m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30042 THE-IWO04036 40mmX360m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30043 THE-IWO06036 60mmX360m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30044 THE-IWO09036 90mmX360m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30045 THE-IWO11036 110mmX360m Compet Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30046 THE-IWO06045 60mmX450m COMPET Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30049 THE-IWO15445 154mmX450m Compet Wax WAXONE POA
2Q30051 THE-OWA06030 60mmX300m General PURP Wax WAX+ POA
2Q30055 THE-OWA06045 60mmX450m General PURP Wax WAX+ POA
2Q30058 THE-OWA09045 90mmX450m General PURP Wax WAX+ POA
2Q30059 THE-OWA10245 102mmX450m Gen PURP Wax WAX+ POA
2Q30060 THE-OWA11045 110mmX450m Gen PURP Wax WAX+ POA
2Q30061 THE-OWA15445 154mmX450m Gen PURP Wax WAX+ POA
2Q30065 THE-IWA11036 110mmX360m Gen PURP Wax WAX+ POA
2Q30066 THE-IWA06045 60mmX450m Gen PURP Wax WAX+ POA
2Q30069 THE-IWA15445 154mmX450m Gen PURP Wax WAX+ POA

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