10% OFF on Theodorou WAX-RESIN and RESIN RIBBONS Promotion

We are happy to offer you 10% OFF for Ex-Stock orders on the Theodorou WAX-RESIN and RESIN RIBBONS items. The promotion is valid until 30.09.2017.

Product Category Ribbons
Type of Promo Special Price
Valid from 01.06.2017
Valid to 30.09.2017
Valid inEMEA
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Qualified products

SKU Part Number Description Price
2Q30070 THE-OWS06045 60mmX450m Resin-Enhanced Wax POA
2Q30073 THE-OWS09045 90mmX450m Resin-Enhanced Wax POA
2Q30075 THE-OWS11045 110mmX450m ResinEnhanced Wax POA
2Q30088 THE-OWR09045 90mmX450m STD Wax-Resin WXR POA
2Q30089 THE-OWR11045 110mmX450m STD Wax-Resin WXR POA
2Q30090 THE-OWR15445 154mmX450m STD Wax-Resin WXR POA
2Q30099 THE-OXR09045 90mmX450m Superior Wax-Resin POA
2Q30100 THE-OXR11045 110mmX450m Superior Wax-Resin POA
2Q30101 THE-OXR15445 154mmX450m Superior Wax-Resin POA
2Q30113 THE-OLX09045 90mmX450m STD Resin POA
2Q30114 THE-OLX11045 110mmX450m STD Resin POA
2Q30115 THE-OLX15445 154mmX450m STD Resin POA
2Q30124 THE-ORX09045 90mmX450m Superior Resin POA
2Q30125 THE-ORX11045 110mmX450m Superior Resin POA
2Q30126 THE-ORX15445 154mmX450m Superior Resin POA

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