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  10 reasons to choose Zebra for Android.
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Join the workforce mobility revolution with Zebra devices for Android.

Major mobility trends like consumerization, the Internet of Things, and Bring-Your-Own-Device are challenging, changing, and dictating not only the workplace mind-set, but the very idea of what the 'workplace' now is.

This is driving a truly unprecedented revolution in workforce mobility - but one that, with Zebra for Android, more and more organizations can join quickly, painlessly, and profitably.

Why Zebra for Android?

Android is transforming the workplace, from the factory floor and the warehouse, to the health centre and the chic fashion boutique. As the world’s most popular operating system – favored by more than 80% of smartphone users worldwide – it’s familiar and easy to understand. And with Zebra Mobility DNA, together with the hardened security provided by built-in Zebra Mx Technology, Android is even tougher and more versatile.

Zebra has the largest range of enterprise-optimised Android devices in the business, purpose built to maximise business agility, mobility and productivity. They’re delivering improvements in efficiency and customer service for organizations in all kinds of industries, all over the world.

And, with Zebra, there's a definitive way to do it.
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Supported by a massive development community across the globe, Android is incredibly agile and easy to customize

Android a user favorite worldwide

Personal and company data are easily compartmentalized

Android OS is cost-effective

Since 2010 a vast amount of work has gone into optimizing Android for enterprise usage

Zebra: Enterprise Android for every environment

Uniquely developed, honed, toughened, and tested to perform in even the harshest, most demanding environments, Zebra Enterprise Android is the definitive suite of products and tools for the enterprise looking to mobilize its workforce, its processes, its productivity, and its profitability.
transport-logistics.png TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS
Complete visibility and control over goods, assets, people, processes, and places in even the most complex, security-sensitive T&L scenarios.
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retail.png RETAIL
From distribution center to stockroom to shop floor, Zebra for Android means slicker, faster, more agile operations for every retail eventuality.
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healthcare.png HEALTHCARE
The go-to mobility choice for every critical healthcare scenario, the Zebra for Android MC40-HC delivers security, stability, and improved patient outcomes.
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warehouse.png WAREHOUSING
Total visibility of what it is, where it is, and how to find it. From dock, to stock, to pick, to pack, to ship. Instantaneously.
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manufacturing.png MANUFACTURING
From Goods-In and materials planning, to job completion and process analytics, Zebra for Android means manufacturing on time, 'Just in Time', every time.
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